Cheese Valley Day Package Tour

Discover Cheese Valley with the Cheese Valley Day Package Tour! Enjoy a unique day out where everything revolves around cheese… for only € 10 per person.
Take a look, taste it and learn all about cheese during the Cheese Experience at the Cheese Warehouse in Woerden. Then cycle on to Bodegraven (a roadmap is included). In Bodegraven, you have the choice of visiting the De Graaf Cheese Farm or the Cheese Museum.


This is the place where everything related to cheese comes together. Experience a true Cheese Experience here: look, learn, taste and so much more! There’s nowhere else in the Netherlands where you’ll ever get as close to the cheese as in the ultramodern cheese warehouse! Visit the Cheese Experience, hop on your bicycle and experience cheese at the Cheese Museum or at De Graaf Cheese Farm.

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Cheese Valley Day Package Tour
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