Discover the most stunning cycling routes in and around Bodegraven and Reeuwijk. Cycling these routes is a great way to take in the splendour of Holland’s Green Heart and indulge in some pure enjoyment. The nature around you will both relax and energise you. And after a long bike ride, what better way to relax than to have a drink and a bite at one of the many outdoor cafés. Check the Extraordinary Bodegraven-Reeuwijk website for the best cycling routes.

Want to hire a bike? You will find bike rental places both in Bodegraven and in Reeuwijk, and you can also rent a bike from various other places, such as several restaurants or a local bike shop.

We have plenty of tips for you on where to go for a coffee, lunch, or drinks.

The most stunning cycling routes through Holland’s Green Heart

Cycle route Boerenkaas Pape-copen (29 km)

Driebruggen - Hogebrug - Waarder
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Ice Cream-Beer-Cheese Cycle Route (45 km)

Bodegraven - Reeuwijk-Brug - Reeuwijk-Dorp - Sluipwijk - Tempel
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Cycle Route Linie Ploeter (42 km)

Bodegraven - Meije - Nieuwerbrug
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Picnic Cycle Route (23 km)

Reeuwijk-Brug - Reeuwijk-Dorp - Tempel
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Terraces Cycle Route (49 km)

Bodegraven - Nieuwerbrug - Reeuwijk-Brug
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Tourist Transfer Points (TOP)

Bodegraven - Driebruggen - Hogebrug - Meije - Nieuwerbrug - Reeuwijk-Brug - Reeuwijk-Dorp - Sluipwijk - Tempel - Waarder
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From Fisherman to Graffiti Artist Cycle Route (32 km)

Driebruggen - Hogebrug - Nieuwerbrug - Reeuwijk-Brug - Sluipwijk - Waarder
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Vogelspot Cycle Route (19 km)

Reeuwijk-Brug - Sluipwijk
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Cycle Route Waterline & Wiericke (45 km)

Bodegraven - Driebruggen - Hogebrug - Nieuwerbrug - Waarder
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Cycle route Waterlinie Luister Henrick (55 km)

Bodegraven - Meije - Nieuwerbrug - Reeuwijk-Brug
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Life here is exceptionally beautiful! You will find peace and space in our municipality. Around us the bustle of the Randstad, but once in our villages you will find the tranquility of the countryside. Bodegraven-Reeuwijk has many recreational opportunities, pleasant shopping streets and excellent restaurants. Our villages have their own character. Living together still has its true meaning here. It is coming home every day.

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