Schone van Boskoop (through Bodegraven – 51 km)

Even the Romans knew it: the Groene Hart is a very pleasant place. Cycle past lakes and tree nurseries, looking for a fruity stopover. Now that’s enjoying and being healthy at the same time! 

De Schone van Boskoop passes through Boskoop and Bodegraven, among others, showing you the loveliest places and introducing you to the most delicious dishes. The cycle route was compiled by Happen & Trappen. You can book this package through their site.


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Schone van Boskoop (through Bodegraven – 51 km)
  • Starting Point: Boskoop
  • You will receive data after booking the package
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Extraordinary is the word that we believe best sums up our villages in the Bodegraven-Reeuwijk municipality. You will find peace and quiet here, thanks to the vast open spaces with lots of green and water. And unique places for recreation with the whole family and activities for a fun group outing. Enjoy a long weekend getaway in the fresh air or a holiday in Holland’s Green Heart, one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful scenic areas.

Bodegraven-Reeuwijk has a lot to offer for your leisure and pleasure, ranging from walking and cycling routes, museums, shopping, and a wide choice of dining experiences and options for a fun night out. You will find quirky shops here, as well as cosy coffee bars and fine restaurants. Indulge in the many regional delights from local farms or go for an organic high tea. Each village in our municipality has its own history and distinct character. The atmosphere is always good, and the people are friendly. You are welcomed with open arms!

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